Introducing Matt Maguire, the accomplished Managing Director of Tier 1 Facilities Management Ltd.

With an impressive career spanning over 15 years in the facilities industry, Matt embodies the essence of exceptional leadership. His profound impact is not only evident through his strategic prowess but also in his outstanding customer service acumen and adept people management skills.

Facilities management

Matt’s unwavering dedication to ensuring top-notch customer experiences has set him apart. His commitment to meeting client needs with precision and care has consistently translated into satisfied clients and enduring partnerships.

Beyond this, his ability to cultivate a cohesive and motivated team is a testament to his exceptional people management skills. Matt’s leadership fosters an environment where individuals thrive, driving Tier 1’s success and solidifying its reputation as a premier facilities management provider.

  • In essence, Matt Maguire’s journey as an accomplished leader encompasses a remarkable blend of industry expertise.

  • Remarkable customer service, and exceptional people management.

  • Qualities that continue to propel Tier 1 Facilities Management to new heights of excellence.

15 Years

In the facilities industry

Experience the transformation

Tier 1 Facilities Management Limited

Experience the transformative impact of customised facility management services that enhance efficiency, cleanliness, and aesthetics. Tier 1 Facilities Management Limited welcomes you to a realm of operational harmony where proactive maintenance, impeccable cleanliness, inviting outdoor spaces, and comprehensive facilities management converge. Let us redefine your facility experience – get in touch today to embark on a journey toward elevated operational excellence tailored to your needs.